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Difela Tsa Sione

*The first app developed by Ultra-Deep Multimedia with over 30k downloads across different android stores

Leerlinglisensie K53

*The first ever Learner's K53 app in the Play Store and it's ranking number one in the afrikaans K53 category
*Die eerste K53-program vir Leerders in die Play Store en is die nommer een in die K53-kategorie

Here at Ultra-Deep, we don't reinvent the wheel, instead we use the available resources to breathe life into technology 😉

TVET Exam Papers

⭐This is the first app to offer TVET Exam Papers in the Play Store😀
And it's ranking number 1 for TVET exam papers with over 50000+ downloads

TVET Exam Papers lite

⭐This is the small version of the TVET Exam Papers app which is compatible with older adnroid devices.

Grade 11

⭐The smallest app in this category

⭐Simple app with papers and study guides

Installation Rules of SA

⭐The first app to offer the elusive papers in the Engineering field. It's relatively new 

  1. OFFLINE - Most of the apps developed by Ultra-Deep can be used offline 
  2. PRIVACY - At Ultra-Deep we value YOU as our customer and we don't ask dodgy permisssions in our apps
  3. ECONOMIC - Our apps are small in size meaning you use less data to download
  4. PRICING - Above all, our apps are FREE forever

See Our Apps In Action

Ultra-Deep Multimedia has a wide range of videos showcasing a variety of the apps we've developed over the years. You can see the videos on our official channel on youtube
Featured below is a video from youtube showcasing "TVET Exam Papers" and all of it's features

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